Magnum Coffee Roastery

Magnum Coffee Roastery

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Magnum Coffee Roastery is family-owned and headed by
a true coffee connoisseur. With more than two decades of
experience in the coffee industry, Magnum has become
the standard upon which all other private label programs
are judged.
Our coffee connoisseur, “The Big Bean”, became
passionate about coffee in college which led to his
Master’s thesis on the emerging speciality coffee industry.
The Big Bean began by co-packing for other roasters but
his passion quickly moved to roasting and packing of our
own full array of coffees.
With our vast knowledge of the coffee industry, we also
became experts in creating custom packaging and
marketing programs. We work directly with our customers
to help build a coffee sales program specially designed for


(616) 837 - 0333


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